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Sorry about yesterday, something suddenly came up and I had to leave the house. Today I’ll be remixing Tetris and possibly a theme from Columns, but I can’t say for sure whether I’ll finish either.

This will be a fairly long stream, so a short break or two will most likely be taken.

Anyone is welcome to join the chatbox, regardless of whether you have a Livestream account. The only exception to this is people I have on my blacklist.

Don’t have your text set to constant bold, italics, and/or underlined. It’s distracting and takes attention away from other people’s text. If you want your text to stand out from everyone else’s, just pick a color that no one else has picked. There are plenty to go around.

Please don’t use extremely bright colors for the chatbox; they hurt my eyes and other people’s eyes.

No links unless it’s relevant. If someone asks for your profile on another site, or they want a link to something that being talked about, that’s fine. If you’re just going to link us to a random video or meme or something that has nothing to do with anything, that’s distracting and unnecessary. People are going to the stream either for the stream, or for the conversation. If we wanted to look at funny gifs and memes, we’d just go do that on our own time.

Do not give me a reason to ban you.

Starting in about 10 minutes.

zepher-tensho-redux asked:

What? Is there no end to Paypals skimming off the top? I mean granted it's a "free" service in that there's no required monthly fee, but damn, it doesn't feel right that they charge the person recieving money just for RECIEVING MONEY. That or if the sender chooses "gift", that person has to pay a fee. It's just so irritating.

It really seriously is. Only after PayPal changed the website did they start deducting from my invoices, though. It was fine up until just a couple weeks ago.

Slightly Bad News (Raising Prices)

Ok, so, I just realized not long ago that PayPal has actually been deducting a good chunk of my commission money from my invoices all of a sudden. One of the main reasons I switched to using invoices was to avoid that. :/

On top of that, My commission prices are just generally cheap, especially compared to the industry standard. I don’t like changing my prices, and I hadn’t planned on rasing them again for a while yet until I had a lot more followers, but I do also feel like I should be getting a little more than I am for my work… Sometimes I realize I end up doing commissions for less than minimum wage here in Texas ($7.25 an hour), and that’s kind of atrocious. Couple that with the fact that I don’t have a job and can’t seem to get one anytime too soon… you can see I’m not in a good position here. I really hope no one’s upset over this.

Anyways, sorry to say, my prices are going up a bit. Not too drastically, but I’m still just warning everyone so it doesn’t come as a shock and I don’t get people complaining it was cheaper last time they bought one.

ALSO, one thing a lot of people don’t seem to be aware of: I DO REMIX COMMISSIONS. Or rather, I would, if someone would actually buy one. No one has bought a single remix commission yet. If someone would buy a Tetris remix commission that would be fantastic, ‘cause I’m really in the mood to remix that theme again, but I don’t want to spend much time on personal projects that I’m not being paid for. I’d be happy to get remix commissions at all, though.

Anyways. All of my art and remix commission slots are open now, and I seem to have several people wanting to buy lately, so if you’re interested and can afford it, you might want to hurry.

As a final note, I will also be doing a nsfw YCH auction involving my fursona next weekend, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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