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A message from Prince Harry at the CHIME for Change concert. (x)


Ok but this guy is a saint.

We hear about all the partying and stuff but in 2008, one of the soldiers in his battalion was being threatened by 6 other soldiers from another outfit for being openly gay. The soldier escaped and went back to duty when Harry saw him and demanded to know what happened and then was like “Right well I’m going to sort this out” and full on stomped over to the guys and threw a fit at them and solved the problem and those guys never bothered the soldier again and he did it all without violence.



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marble sculptures are one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen i mean


that’s stone and someone made it look transparent


do you see that fabric?


do you see that fluffy pillow?


do you see that anatomy and those humans muscles?

no you do not because that’s all fucking marble


What’s sad is that there was a time when this was NOT viewed as art. In fact, some marble statue art was even destroyed by people who were strongly against this form of art. It was too different for them.

Brother to Brother – Page 26

Unfortunately I did not end up finishing the next page today as planned… I have absolutely no motivation left for art at the moment.

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Tell me these movies are just dumb comedies.  Tell me Po is just a stupid Panda.  Tell me.  I will fight you.

Kung Fu Panda is about a character with legitimate low self esteem issues who is mocked and ridiculed by the people he looks up to.  No matter how hard he trains, he doesn’t believe in himself until he discoverers that there is no “secret ingredient” that will make him great, because HE is what makes himself great. 

Po: There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.

Oh my everlasting Primus, THIS.

This scene right here hit me like a punch to the gut. I thought I was gonna start crying in the theater, because that was ME up there. Someone, whoever wrote those lines, understood what it felt like. To go through life fat and clumsy, a walking punchline. To not know what pretty or strong or popular or good at something even feels like, and what other conclusion can you come to but that you are worthless?

Until… Shifu gets his head out of his ass, turns his thinking around, and starts training Po in ways that are useful to Po. Until Po finally gets the chance to apply the passion he’s always had and the kung-fu-nerdery he’s been amassing since he was little. Until Po becomes a master in his own time, in his own way, and saves the world without having to lose a single ounce to do it.

That was the second punch to the gut for me. Po doesn’t slim down and become buff. He still gets out of breath climbing stairs. He’s a giant awkward nerdapalooza and he’s pretty much always hungry. He’s still the same fat kid he always was, and the change, the miracle, is that that’s okay. He doesn’t have to not be a fat kid in order to be worthy.

I don’t know why Kung Fu Panda doesn’t get more love than it does. It should be our banner, y’all.

Kung Fu Panda was one of the first movies I EVER saw where the main character was fat and clumsy and awkward, basically a giant dork, but those things weren’t changed or gotten rid of during his hero quest. No one took him seriously because of them—not even himself—but it turns out that all the things about himself he was always embarrassed about did more to make him a hero and an essentially good person than training with the most skilled practitioners of martial arts in the country ever did. Normally, the fat or awkward or dorky protagonists turn out completely different by the end, at least in appearances if not personality.

When KFP came out I was still very insecure about my weight and my personality. I’ve been chubby, awkward and nerdy since my childhood, and I’d tried everything to fit in with other people—from karate classes and straightening my hair to desperately vying for popularity. But from the start of this movie, I LOVED Po, and I identified more with him than I have with any other character. And watching this scene, and all the other scenes afterwards, watching Po and everyone around him realize that he was strong and brave and good exactly the way he was, I realized the same about myself. That’s an important lesson for EVERYONE, regardless of age.

Not to mention the movie as a whole is comedic and artistic gold. The second one is pretty fantastic too.






I want a video game based around this

the whole game is just about rescuing Princess but not a single one fits the “Princess” stereotype

Kobold Princess, Troll princess, Dragon (who is guarded by an evil Princess of course), Undead Princess, etc

I actually had a story in my mind that is very similar to this concept.

I would play the shit out of this no lie

Fuck yeah I’d play it

That’s adorable as fuck. Still, it wouldn’t kill the guy to crack a smile, most princesses are only willing to bake cakes, send you on more fetch quests and make you play tennis, this one is ready for some bump and grind and shower you untold riches.

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